BowerBird Annual Plans

Super simple pricing. Upgrade or downgrade your plan at any point.


Free plan

Create your free account

Create public profile

Create draft BowerKits

Search 800+ publications

Follow design journalists


USD / Year

Personal plan

1 Active BowerKit

Message journalists

Image download alerts

Intelligently match projects with publications and journalists


USD / Year

Studio plan

10 Active BowerKits

Access control - Approve journalists before they can download content.

BowerKit view stats

Image download stats

See which journalists have viewed your projects

Priority support


USD / Year

Enterprise plan

Unlimited BowerKits

All features of lower plans +

Use Bowerbird as a media database

Enterprise support

Enterprise training available (contact us for pricing)

Import of existing projects available (contact us for pricing)


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What currencies do you support?

We currently support USD, Euro and AUD.

Is there a discount for annual plans?

Yes, we offer discounts for anyone wanting to pay annually.

Can I change plans?

Yes. You can change your plan up or down at any time.

What does 'activating' a BowerKit mean?

'Activating' a BowerKit means it becomes accessible to journalists. If you don't activate a kit, journalists will not be able to publish your project. Once active you can contact journalists, they can view your project, and your content can be used in stories.

Can I de-activate BowerKits?

Yes. You can activate and de-activate BowerKits as you need them.

What publications are included?

BowerBird includes more than 700 global and local publications focusing on architecture and design. You can also suggest publications if they are not already included. On the Free Plan, you can search all the publications included and suggest as many as you like.

Do you have a trial?

Yes. Register for free and when you create your first BowerKit, click 'Start Free Trial'. You'll be able to contact journalists and they'll be able to publish your project. Cancel any time before the trial ends and you won't be charged.

What is a BowerKit?

A BowerKit is a beautiful online press kit. It includes everything a journalist needs to write a story on your project, including images, text, and project team details.

How many BowerKits can I activate?

Each plan allows you to activate a fixed number of BowerKits. The higher the plan, the more BowerKits you can activate.

Can I control which journalists download my project?

Yes. On the Studio Plan and above you can turn on access control and choose which people are able to view and download content.