Amber Road Trekking Cabins

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1. Beachside Cabin

Beachside Cabin

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2. Forest Cabin

Forest Cabin

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3. Cabin internal

Cabin internal

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4. Cabin Elevations

Cabin Elevations

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5. Cabin Section

Cabin Section

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6. Cabin sleeping pod concept

Cabin sleeping pod concept

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The Amber Road Trekking Cabin is designed to be a series of cabins situated along the long, arduous and immensely beautiful Amber Road trekking path. The design is adaptable for the various different terrains that will be encompassed along this hiking trail, considers the preserved environments it will be constructed in, and gives references to Latvia’s iconic heritage. A gridded frame provides a balance between built form and untouched landscape: a play between man-made and natural. Infill panels form patterns creating both protection from the elements and framed openings to the environment beyond while allowing the local terrain to remain relatively untouched. The framed structure, easily adaptable to different terrains, supports distinctive areas: platforms, hearth, and sleeping pods. To preserve the natural environment, the timber structure lightly touches the ground at minimal points, suspending platforms above the earth. These elevated timber platforms provide reprieve from the elements while allowing landscape to flow through uninterrupted, creating areas for rest, leisure, activity and utility with a centrally located hearth for gathering. A place for protection from the weather while remaining fully engaged with the environment. Supported by the framed structure at a higher level are sleeping pods providing full protection and shelter. Clad in a polycarbonate skin it acts as a lantern through the terrain glowing and inviting trekkers into its protective embrace. It’s translucency and reflectivity acting as a theatrical stage for the inhabitants, framing and capturing a moment, in the same way as inclusions are preserved in amber washed up along the beach.