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a+u (architecture + urbanism)

a+u (architecture + urbanism) is a monthly architectural magazine focusing on architecture and urbanism from around the world. AI

Showcases innovative and groundbreaking architectural projects from around the world, focusing on both the design and the unique challenges overcome during the project.

Explores the design, development, and transformation of urban spaces. This section includes articles on urban planning, sustainable development, and community engagement.

Features conversations with leading architects, designers, and urban planners, offering insights into their creative process, projects, and visions for the future of architecture and urbanism.

Covers the latest advancements in architectural materials and technology, including sustainable materials, innovative construction techniques, and digital design tools.

Provides critical analyses and reviews of recent architectural projects, books, exhibitions, and events, offering a platform for discourse and discussion within the architectural community.


Tokyo, Japan

Established 1971

a+u Editor

Role: Editor

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