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ArchDaily is a leading architecture website that publishes news, projects, events, and competitions from around the world. AI

Features innovative projects, emerging trends, and informative articles on architectural designs from around the world. This section covers a wide range of building types, from residential to commercial and public spaces.

Showcases the latest in interior design, focusing on creative and functional spaces. Articles include office, residential, and retail spaces, highlighting unique interior solutions and design concepts.

Provides information on architectural competitions and awards around the world. This section is a resource for architects and designers looking to participate in competitions and for those interested in the latest competition results.

Covers the latest advancements in architectural technology, including new materials, construction techniques, and digital design tools. This section explores how technology is shaping the future of architecture.

Highlights upcoming and recent architectural events, including conferences, exhibitions, and seminars. This section is a guide for professionals looking to network and stay updated on industry happenings.


Santiago , Chile

Established 2008

Hana Abdel

Role: Staff writer

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