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Archinect is a comprehensive online community and resource for architecture professionals, featuring news, projects, competitions, and events from around the globe. AI

Covers the latest developments, announcements, and updates in the architecture world, including competitions, awards, and significant project completions.

In-depth articles and interviews with architects, designers, and thinkers in the field, focusing on innovative projects, trends, and ideas shaping the future of architecture.

Showcases a wide range of architectural projects from around the world, from conceptual designs to completed buildings, including residential, commercial, and public spaces.

Provides information on upcoming architecture-related events, conferences, exhibitions, and lectures happening around the world.

Focuses on architectural education, featuring news and updates from architecture schools, student work, and interviews with educators and students.

Offers a platform for job listings and career advice for professionals in the architecture and design industries, including tips for job seekers and employer insights.


London, United Kingdom

Established 1997

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