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Art Edit

Art Edit is an Australian publication focusing on interior design and art, showcasing how to incorporate art into home spaces. It features Australian and international artists. AI

Showcases individual artists, providing insights into their backgrounds, inspirations, and current works. This section aims to connect readers with the vibrant and diverse art scenes across Australia, highlighting both emerging and established talents.

Covers current and upcoming exhibitions in galleries across Australia. This section includes reviews, previews, and interviews with curators and artists, offering readers a guide to the must-see art shows.

Provides insights into the Australian art market, including trends, investment tips, and profiles on collectors. This section is designed for readers interested in buying, selling, or collecting art in Australia.

Explores the intersection of art and design within Australia, featuring innovative projects, collaborations, and discussions on how art influences design and vice versa. This section appeals to readers interested in the creative process and the integration of art in everyday life.



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