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Beaumaris Modern

Beaumaris Modern is a publication dedicated to showcasing modernist architecture and design in Beaumaris, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. It focuses on content from this specific location. AI

Showcases the unique mid-century modern architectural designs found in Beaumaris, a suburb known for its distinctive homes and buildings. This section features articles, interviews with architects, and photographic essays that highlight the beauty and innovation of Beaumaris' modernist architecture.

Covers local events, exhibitions, and gatherings that celebrate or are related to the modernist architecture and design community in Beaumaris. This includes art shows, architectural tours, and community meetings, providing a platform for residents and enthusiasts to connect and share their passion.

Features detailed stories of renovation projects within Beaumaris, focusing on how homeowners and architects preserve the mid-century modern aesthetic while updating homes for contemporary living. Articles include before-and-after photos, design strategies, and interviews with the people behind the transformations.


Beaumaris, Australia

Established 2017


Fiona Austin

Role: Editor

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