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BuildHome NSW & QLD

BuildHome NSW & QLD is a magazine focused on home building, renovation, and design trends in New South Wales and Queensland, Australia. AI

Showcases a variety of new home designs, focusing on trends and innovations in the residential construction sector in New South Wales and Queensland. This section is ideal for architects, builders, and homeowners looking for inspiration and the latest in home design.

Features articles on home renovation projects, offering readers inspiration, practical advice, and the latest trends in home improvement. This section is aimed at homeowners in New South Wales and Queensland looking to update or expand their existing homes.

Profiles of leading builders and construction companies operating in New South Wales and Queensland. This section provides insights into their projects, craftsmanship, and business philosophies, helping readers make informed decisions when choosing a builder.

Covers the latest trends and ideas in landscaping for homes in New South Wales and Queensland. This section offers creative solutions for outdoor spaces, including gardens, patios, and pool areas, catering to homeowners looking to enhance their property's exterior.


Sydney, Australia

Parent Publication:


Karen Booth

Role: Editor

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