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Country Living

Country Living is a lifestyle magazine focusing on home decor, gardening, and rural living, primarily targeting readers in the United States. AI

Showcases cozy, rustic home decor ideas, gardening tips, and DIY projects tailored for country living enthusiasts. This section explores the charm of living in rural areas, featuring homes that embody the essence of country living, gardening advice for all seasons, and creative DIY projects that enhance the rustic lifestyle.

Features delicious, home-cooked recipes that embody the spirit of country living. From traditional comfort foods to modern twists on classic dishes, this section provides readers with culinary inspiration that celebrates the flavors of the countryside.

Delves into the lifestyle, traditions, and community events that define country living. This section highlights the beauty of rural life, including stories about local festivals, traditional crafts, and community gatherings that bring people together.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

London, United Kingdom

Established 1978

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