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Country Style

Country Style is an Australian publication focusing on homes, decorating, food, and lifestyle in the countryside. AI

Showcases a variety of homes that embody the country style aesthetic, from rustic farmhouses to modern country homes. Articles often include homeowner interviews, design inspiration, and practical advice for readers looking to incorporate country style into their own homes.

Provides readers with tips, trends, and DIY projects focused on creating a country style living space. This section covers everything from selecting the right furniture and color schemes to accessorizing with vintage finds.

Features articles on creating and maintaining gardens that complement the country style home. This includes tips on plant selection, garden design, and outdoor living spaces that enhance the rustic charm of country living.

Offers a collection of recipes that reflect the comfort and simplicity of country living. From hearty meals to simple snacks, this section provides readers with culinary inspiration that ties back to the country style theme.


Sydney, Australia

Established 1984

Parent Publication:


Hannah James

Role: Staff writer

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