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Deco Magazine (Taiwan)

Deco Magazine is a Taiwanese publication focusing on interior design, architecture, and lifestyle, featuring content specific to Taiwan and Asia. AI

Showcases the latest trends, projects, and innovations in interior design, focusing on both residential and commercial spaces within Taiwan.

Features groundbreaking architectural projects, emerging trends, and insightful articles on architecture in Taiwan and occasionally from around the world.

Provides readers with creative do-it-yourself home improvement ideas, tips for sustainable living, and step-by-step guides for both beginners and experienced DIY enthusiasts in Taiwan.

Offers in-depth reviews and recommendations on the latest home decor products, furniture, and gadgets available in the Taiwanese market.

Covers major interior design and architecture events, exhibitions, and fairs happening in Taiwan, including previews, highlights, and interviews with designers.


Taipei, Taiwan

stephie chiu

Role: Contributing editor

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