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Decor Punk

Decor Punk is a digital publication focusing on unique and innovative interior design ideas, featuring content from around the world. AI

Showcases the latest trends in interior design, focusing on innovative and stylish home decor ideas from around the globe. This section is a treasure trove for those looking to update their living spaces with the latest in design aesthetics.

Features creative and practical DIY projects for home improvement and decoration. This section is perfect for readers interested in crafting unique items or transforming their space on a budget, providing step-by-step guides and inspiration.

Highlights dramatic transformations of various rooms, from kitchens to bedrooms. This section offers before-and-after showcases, providing readers with ideas and motivation to embark on their own makeover projects.

Focuses on eco-friendly and sustainable home decor solutions. This section promotes products, designs, and practices that are environmentally responsible, catering to readers who prioritize sustainability in their living spaces.

Dedicated to featuring interviews and works of emerging and established artists in the decor and design world. This section provides a platform for artists to share their stories, inspirations, and contributions to the field of interior design.


London, United Kingdom

Nick Menges

Role: Editor

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