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Design Anthology Australia

Design Anthology Australia is a magazine focused on high-end design, architecture, and interiors, primarily featuring content from Australia. AI

Showcases exceptional interior design projects, including residential, commercial, and public spaces, highlighting innovative use of materials, color, and space planning in Australia.

Features groundbreaking architectural projects in Australia, exploring the concepts, designs, and sustainability aspects of new and renovated buildings.

Covers a broad spectrum of design disciplines in Australia, including product design, graphic design, and fashion design, focusing on creativity, craftsmanship, and the design process.

Explores the contemporary art scene in Australia, featuring interviews with artists, reviews of exhibitions, and insights into the latest trends and techniques in the art world.

Delivers stories and guides on luxurious and design-focused travel destinations within Australia, including accommodations, gastronomy, and leisure activities that appeal to the design-savvy traveler.


Melbourne, Australia

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