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El Español

El Español is a digital newspaper in Spain, covering national and international news, politics, economy, culture, and sports. AI

Covers all major news, updates, and analyses related to political, social, and economic events happening within Spain.

Features news and in-depth analysis on global events, international politics, and economic developments.

Provides insights into the financial markets, business trends, and economic policies affecting Spain and the global economy.

Offers the latest news, results, and analysis on football, basketball, tennis, and other sports, focusing on both Spanish and international competitions.

Explores the world of arts, literature, cinema, and music, with a special focus on Spanish and Latin American creators.

Covers the latest advancements in technology, digital trends, and innovations, with a focus on how they impact Spain and the world.

Features opinion pieces, editorials, and commentary on current events, politics, and society from a diverse range of voices.


Madrid, Spain


Pablo García

Role: Staff writer

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