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Est Magazine

Est Magazine is an online publication focusing on global contemporary design, architecture, and interiors, featuring content from around the world. AI

Showcases a curated selection of innovative interior designs, featuring homes and commercial spaces that highlight contemporary and high-end living spaces.

Features groundbreaking architectural projects, including residential, commercial, and public buildings, focusing on modern design and sustainability.

Covers the latest trends in product and furniture design, offering insights into the creative process of designers and their innovative creations.

Explores luxury travel destinations, boutique hotels, and unique travel experiences, focusing on design-led places around the world.

Highlights contemporary art, featuring interviews with artists, gallery exhibitions, and insights into the art scene globally.


Melbourne, Australia

Established 2011

Parent Publication:


Holly Beadle

Role: Contributor


Sophie Lewis

Role: Editor


Megan Rawson

Role: Staff writer

est living Editorial

Role: Editor

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