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The Geelong Advertiser

The Geelong Advertiser is a regional newspaper focusing on news, sports, and lifestyle content primarily for the Geelong area in Victoria, Australia. AI

Covers all the latest news, updates, and events happening in Geelong and the surrounding regions, focusing on community stories, local government decisions, and significant events.

Features local sports news, including coverage of games, profiles of local athletes, and updates on regional sports teams and events.

Offers insights into lifestyle trends, health tips, food and dining guides, and entertainment options in Geelong, aiming to enhance the local community's quality of life.

Provides the latest updates on the real estate market in Geelong, including property listings, market trends, and investment opportunities.

Features opinion pieces and editorial content on a variety of topics relevant to the Geelong community, including local issues, politics, and social matters.

Geelong, Australia

Geelong, Australia


Nicole Mayne

Role: Staff writer


Peter Farago

Role: Staff writer

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