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Great Scottish Indoors

Great Scottish Indoors is a lifestyle blog focusing on interior design, DIY projects, and home inspiration, primarily featuring content from Scotland. AI

Showcases a variety of interior design styles, trends, and projects, focusing on Scottish homes and spaces. It aims to inspire readers with innovative design ideas and practical decorating tips.

Features articles on beautiful Scottish homes and gardens, offering a glimpse into the country's unique architectural and horticultural heritage. This section includes home tours, gardening tips, and discussions on preserving Scotland's natural beauty.

Promotes local Scottish artisans and businesses, highlighting their craftsmanship and contribution to the Scottish economy. This section covers stories of local artists, craftsmen, and entrepreneurs, showcasing their work and products.

Provides readers with creative DIY and craft ideas that can be incorporated into their homes. This section focuses on projects that utilize traditional Scottish materials and techniques, encouraging readers to engage in hands-on activities.

United Kingdom

Alison Gibb

Role: Owner

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