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Green Economy Media focuses on sustainable development, renewable energy, and green technologies, primarily covering content from around the world. AI

Covers stories and insights on sustainable development practices, including renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, and green technology innovations. The publication seeks articles that highlight successful sustainability projects, emerging trends in green technology, and practical advice for businesses and individuals looking to adopt more sustainable practices.

Focuses on the financial aspects of the green economy, including investment opportunities, funding for sustainable projects, and economic analyses of green technologies. Articles should provide readers with information on how to invest in green technologies, the economic benefits of sustainable practices, and updates on financial policies affecting the green economy.

Explores global and regional environmental policies, legislation, and governance affecting the green economy. This section seeks articles that discuss the impact of environmental policies on businesses and the economy, debates and developments in environmental legislation, and strategies for achieving environmental sustainability.


Cape Town, South Africa


Danielle Solomons

Role: Editor

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