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iBOLIGEN (Publication Closed)

iBOLIGEN was a Danish publication focused on home design, architecture, and interior decorating, primarily featuring content from Denmark. AI

Showcases the latest trends, innovative ideas, and inspiring stories in interior design, focusing on Danish and Scandinavian styles. This section features articles on home decor, furniture design, and space optimization techniques, appealing to homeowners and design enthusiasts looking for fresh and functional living space ideas.

Covers groundbreaking architectural projects, sustainable building practices, and interviews with leading architects. With a focus on Danish architecture and its influence globally, this section explores how design and functionality intersect in creating spaces that are both beautiful and practical.

Provides readers with step-by-step guides, creative ideas, and practical tips for home improvement and DIY projects. Emphasizing sustainable and budget-friendly solutions, this section is perfect for individuals looking to personalize their living spaces without breaking the bank.

Offers insights into the real estate market, featuring property listings, market trends, and investment opportunities in Denmark. This section is a valuable resource for potential homebuyers, investors, and real estate professionals looking to navigate the Danish real estate landscape.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark


Christina Eiby Jensen

Role: Publisher

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