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INTROSPECTIVE is a digital magazine focusing on design, art, and fashion, featuring in-depth stories and interviews. It publishes content from around the world. AI

Explores the latest in design trends, innovations, and the creative minds shaping the industry. From interior design to architectural marvels, this section showcases the beauty and functionality of contemporary and historical design.

Features in-depth articles on both established and emerging artists, exhibitions, and the evolving art market. This section provides insights into the visual arts scene, covering a variety of mediums and styles.

Offers the latest news and analysis on the antique, vintage, and contemporary design markets. This section helps readers navigate the complexities of collecting and investing in art and design pieces.

Delves into the cultural aspects that influence and are influenced by design, art, and architecture. This section explores topics such as fashion, lifestyle, and societal trends, providing a broader context for the other sections.


New York, United States


David A. Keeps

Role: Contributor

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