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It's Nice That

It's Nice That showcases creative works in architecture, design, and art, featuring content from around the world. AI

Showcases a wide range of contemporary art pieces, including installations, paintings, and digital art from emerging and established artists worldwide. The section aims to highlight innovative and thought-provoking works that push the boundaries of traditional art forms.

Covers the latest trends, projects, and innovations in graphic design, product design, and fashion. This section is dedicated to featuring creative solutions and aesthetically pleasing designs that stand out in the market, from branding projects to wearable art.

Features compelling photography projects and series from around the world. This section focuses on showcasing the power of photography to tell stories, capture moments, and evoke emotions, ranging from documentary to fine art photography styles.

Highlights the best in contemporary illustration, from editorial illustrations to character design. This section aims to showcase the creativity and diversity of illustrators working today, with a focus on unique styles and innovative approaches.

Features the latest in animation, from short films to music videos. This section is dedicated to showcasing the creativity and technical skill involved in bringing animated stories to life, with a focus on both traditional and digital animation techniques.


London, United Kingdom

Established 2007

Simon Smith

Role: Staff writer

Jenny Brewer

Role: Editor

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