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Kitchen + Bathroom Design

Kitchen + Bathroom Design is an Australian publication focusing on the latest trends, products, and projects in kitchen and bathroom design. AI

Showcases the latest trends in kitchen and bathroom design, focusing on innovative materials, colors, and technology shaping the future of these spaces.

Features interviews and profiles of leading and emerging designers in the kitchen and bathroom design industry, highlighting their philosophies, projects, and impact.

Presents detailed case studies of outstanding kitchen and bathroom projects, from residential to commercial, including the challenges faced and solutions implemented.

Covers the latest products and gadgets for kitchens and bathrooms, from smart appliances to sustainable materials, including reviews and recommendations.

Provides step-by-step guides and tips for readers interested in DIY kitchen and bathroom projects, from simple makeovers to more complex renovations.

Delivers the latest news, events, and developments in the kitchen and bathroom design industry, including trade shows, awards, and regulatory changes.


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