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Metro is a free daily newspaper in the UK, covering national news, sports, lifestyle, and entertainment. AI

Covers breaking news, current events, and trends across a variety of topics such as politics, business, technology, and entertainment. This section aims to keep readers informed with the latest developments from around the world.

Includes in-depth articles, interviews, and analysis on a wide range of subjects, from cultural phenomena to personal stories and innovative ideas. This section provides readers with a deeper understanding of the topics discussed.

Delivers the latest news, updates, and analyses on various sports, including football, cricket, tennis, and more. This section caters to sports enthusiasts with comprehensive coverage of major events, leagues, and competitions.

Focuses on the latest in the entertainment industry, including movie, TV show, and music reviews, celebrity news, and upcoming events. This section keeps readers up-to-date with what's happening in the world of entertainment.


London, United Kingdom


Lara Sargent

Role: Freelance writer

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