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Open Journal

Open Journal is an Australian publication focusing on local news, culture, and community events. AI

Publishes peer-reviewed articles across a wide range of academic fields, including but not limited to, sciences, technology, health, and humanities. Articles focus on recent research findings, reviews of existing literature, and advancements in methodologies and technologies.

Features opinion articles from experts and thought leaders on current issues, trends, and debates across various disciplines. This section encourages critical analysis, commentary, and discussions on pressing global and local matters.

Presents detailed case studies from various academic and professional fields, offering in-depth analysis of specific instances, projects, or research outcomes. This section aims to provide practical insights and lessons learned.

Includes interviews with researchers, academics, and professionals, shedding light on their work, experiences, and contributions to their fields. This section aims to inspire and inform readers through personal stories and professional journeys.


Melbourne, Australia

Tiffany Jade

Role: Editor

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