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ReNew is an Australian publication focused on sustainable living, renewable energy, and green technology. It features content specific to Australia. AI

Covers a wide range of topics related to sustainable living practices, including energy efficiency, water conservation, and sustainable gardening. The publication seeks articles that provide practical advice, innovative solutions, and inspiring stories to help readers reduce their environmental footprint.

Focuses on the latest developments, technologies, and trends in renewable energy. This section is interested in articles that explore solar, wind, hydro, and other renewable energy sources, including case studies, technological advancements, and policy discussions.

Highlights innovative green building projects and practices. Articles should cover topics such as sustainable architecture, green materials, energy-efficient design, and case studies of green buildings. The publication looks for content that showcases how buildings can be designed and constructed to minimize environmental impact.

Encourages readers to undertake do-it-yourself projects that promote sustainability. This section seeks articles on how to create or modify everyday items to be more energy-efficient, use fewer resources, and reduce waste. Projects can range from simple home improvements to more complex inventions.


Melbourne, Australia

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