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Rethinking the Future

Rethinking the Future is an architecture-focused publication that showcases innovative design concepts and projects from around the world. AI

Features innovative projects, emerging trends, and informative articles on architectural designs from around the world. It covers a wide range of topics including sustainable design, urban planning, and futuristic concepts.

Showcases the latest in interior design trends, projects, and ideas. This section is dedicated to inspiring professionals and enthusiasts with creative solutions for residential, commercial, and public spaces.

Focuses on sustainable practices, materials, and technologies in the architecture and design industries. Articles cover topics such as green buildings, eco-friendly materials, and energy efficiency.

Explores the planning, design, and development of urban spaces. This section includes discussions on public spaces, community planning, and the impact of design on urban living.

Covers the intersection of technology and architecture, focusing on how advancements in tech are influencing the future of design. Topics include smart buildings, digital fabrication, and virtual reality in design.


New Delhi, India


Vikas Pawar

Role: Editor


Abhijeet Singh

Role: Editor

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