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RIBA Journal

RIBA Journal is the official magazine of the Royal Institute of British Architects, focusing on architecture and design in the UK. AI

Showcases groundbreaking architectural projects, design innovations, and insightful commentary on architectural trends, focusing on the UK and international perspectives.

Dedicated to sustainable design practices, green building technologies, and case studies on environmentally conscious architectural solutions, with a strong emphasis on UK initiatives and global trends.

Focuses on the business of architecture, including practice management, professional development, regulatory updates, and insights into running a successful architectural practice, primarily in the UK.

Covers the latest in architectural technology, software reviews, digital design techniques, and the integration of new technologies in the practice of architecture, with a focus on advancements relevant to UK professionals and global trends.

Provides information on architectural events, exhibitions, and conferences happening in the UK and around the world, including summaries, highlights, and critical reviews.

Features opinion pieces, editorials, and commentaries from leading architects and industry experts on current issues and debates within the architectural community, with a focus on the UK and international viewpoints.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

London, United Kingdom

Established 1893

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