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Swiss Miss

Swiss Miss is a design blog and studio founded by Tina Roth Eisenberg. It features design ideas, projects, and inspiration from around the world. AI

Swiss Miss is a design blog and studio run by Tina Roth Eisenberg. It focuses on design inspiration, innovative products, and projects that blend creativity and functionality. The blog features a wide range of design-related content, including graphic design, product design, and user experience design, showcasing the latest trends, tools, and resources for designers.

This section highlights inspiring stories, creative projects, and individuals who are making a significant impact in the design and creative industries. It includes interviews, case studies, and articles that explore the process and journey of creativity, aiming to inspire readers to pursue their own creative endeavors.

Offers a curated selection of tools, apps, websites, and books that are essential for designers and creatives. This section is a go-to source for finding new resources to enhance creativity, productivity, and the overall design process.

New York, United States of America

New York, United States

Established 2005

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