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The Courier

The Courier is a regional news publication focusing on Ballarat and surrounding areas in Victoria, Australia. AI

Covers all the latest news, updates, and developments happening in and around the Ballarat region, including community events, local government decisions, and significant incidents.

Features local sports news, including coverage of games, profiles of local athletes, and updates on regional sports clubs and their activities.

Contains opinion pieces, editorials, and guest columns from local writers and community figures on a variety of topics relevant to the Ballarat region.

Reports on local business news, economic developments, and profiles of local businesses and entrepreneurs within the Ballarat region.

Covers lifestyle topics relevant to the Ballarat region, including food and drink, health and wellness, home and garden, and local entertainment options.

Provides information on upcoming events, festivals, workshops, and other community gatherings happening in the Ballarat region.

Ballarat, Australia

Ballarat, Australia

Linley Wilkie

Role: Staff writer

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