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The Fifth Estate

The Fifth Estate is an Australian publication focused on sustainable building, urban development, and environmental issues, featuring content specific to Australia. AI

Covers news, insights, and analysis on sustainability practices, green building, and environmental initiatives in Australia. This section focuses on how businesses, government, and communities are advancing sustainability.

Focuses on renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, and innovative energy solutions. Articles include updates on solar, wind, and other renewable energy projects, as well as discussions on policy and technology advancements in Australia.

Explores urban planning, infrastructure, and development projects aimed at creating sustainable and livable cities in Australia. Includes case studies, policy analysis, and commentary on urban trends.

Provides in-depth coverage of climate change impacts, adaptation strategies, and mitigation efforts in Australia. Features articles on policy, research, and community initiatives to combat climate change.

Highlights the latest in green technology innovations, including sustainable building materials, energy-efficient systems, and eco-friendly products. Focuses on how technology is being used to enhance sustainability in Australia.


Sydney, Australia


Duncan Murray

Role: Contributor

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