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The Guardian Australia Edition

The Guardian Australia Edition focuses on news, politics, and culture from Australia and around the world. AI

Covers breaking news, in-depth reporting, and analysis on current events, politics, and culture across Australia. This section aims to keep readers informed with accurate and timely information.

Features opinion pieces, editorials, and commentary from a diverse range of voices on Australian and international issues. It encourages debate and provides insights on various topics.

Provides comprehensive coverage of Australian and international sports events, including analysis, live scores, and commentary. Focuses on popular sports in Australia such as cricket, rugby, and AFL.

Explores the arts, entertainment, and lifestyle trends in Australia and globally. Includes reviews, features, and interviews related to music, film, literature, and art.

Delivers stories and advice on health, relationships, food, fashion, and travel, with a focus on Australian audiences. Offers practical tips and insights for everyday living.


Sydney, Australia


Maddie Thomas

Role: Staff writer

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