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The Sun

The Sun is a British tabloid newspaper known for its sensational news coverage, celebrity gossip, and sports news, focusing primarily on content from the UK. AI

Covers breaking news, current events, and in-depth analysis of global and local issues. This section aims to keep readers informed about the latest developments in politics, economy, and society.

Features the latest news, updates, and analysis on various sports including football, cricket, tennis, and more. It focuses on major sporting events, player profiles, and game analysis.

Dedicated to entertainment news, celebrity gossip, TV shows, and movie reviews. It provides insights into the lives of celebrities, upcoming TV shows, and movies.

Focuses on lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and real-life stories. Offers tips, trends, and advice on fashion, beauty, and health, along with inspiring stories from real people.

Provides financial news, advice, and tips on saving, investing, and spending. It covers topics such as personal finance, market trends, and economic policies.

Covers the latest in technology, including gadgets, software updates, and tech industry news. Offers reviews, how-to guides, and insights into new technological advancements.

Features travel news, destination guides, and travel tips. Offers insights into the best places to visit, travel deals, and advice for travelers.

Contains opinion pieces, editorials, and commentary on current events and issues. Offers diverse perspectives and analysis from columnists and guest writers.


London, United Kingdom


Yasmin Harisha

Role: Staff writer

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