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Tiny House Zine

Tiny House Zine is a publication focused on tiny house living, featuring design ideas, lifestyle articles, and tiny home tours. It publishes content from around the world. AI

Showcases innovative design and architectural solutions for tiny houses, focusing on maximizing space and sustainability. Articles may include profiles on tiny house builders, design tips, and tours of tiny homes.

Features step-by-step guides and inspirational stories on building and decorating tiny houses. This section is perfect for readers looking to embark on their own tiny house project or seeking creative ideas for small space living.

Explores the tiny house movement as a lifestyle choice, including the benefits and challenges of downsizing. Articles cover community living, minimalist living, and profiles of individuals and families who have chosen to live in tiny houses.

Highlights tiny house-friendly destinations and communities around the world. This section provides readers with information on where they can park or build tiny houses, including legal aspects and local attractions.


Established 2024

Andrew Chung

Role: Editor

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