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Urban List NZ

Urban List NZ is a lifestyle guide covering food, culture, travel, and events, focusing on New Zealand. AI

Covers the latest trends in food and drink, including restaurant reviews, new openings, and foodie guides, focusing on the vibrant culinary scene across New Zealand.

Features articles on local events, entertainment, art, music, and lifestyle trends that shape the cultural landscape of New Zealand.

Provides readers with travel guides, destination reviews, and tips for exploring both well-known and hidden gems within New Zealand and abroad.

Showcases the latest in home design trends, interior decorating tips, and architectural marvels, with a focus on New Zealand's unique aesthetic.

Offers advice on fitness, mental health, nutrition, and wellness trends, aiming to inspire a healthier lifestyle among New Zealanders.

New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand


Tessa Gallagher

Role: Editor

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