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When We Eat (flavor republic)

When We Eat is a publication by Flavor Republic focusing on global culinary trends, recipes, and food culture, publishing content from around the world. AI

Showcases a variety of recipes from around the world, focusing on unique and traditional dishes. Each recipe includes detailed instructions, ingredient lists, and tips for preparation.

Features reviews of restaurants across different regions, highlighting their cuisine, ambiance, service, and overall dining experience. It aims to guide readers in discovering new dining spots.

Explores the cultural significance of food in various societies, including traditions, festivals, and the role of food in social gatherings. It aims to provide a deeper understanding of how food shapes cultural identities.

Provides insights on healthy eating habits, nutritional information of different foods, and tips for maintaining a balanced diet. It focuses on the benefits of eating well and how to incorporate healthy choices into daily meals.


Reem Khamis

Role: Editor

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