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Wired is a magazine focusing on how emerging technologies affect culture, the economy, and politics. It publishes content from around the world. AI

Covers the latest developments and trends in technology, including gadgets, software, and the internet, with a focus on how they impact society and culture.

Explores new discoveries, ongoing research, and the intersection of science with technology, environment, and health.

Analyzes the impact of technology on business, startups, industry movements, and economic trends.

Discusses how technology influences culture, including art, music, entertainment, and social issues.

Provides reviews, recommendations, and deep dives into the latest gadgets and technology equipment.

Features opinion pieces, essays, and thought leadership articles on the future of technology and its societal implications.

Reports on cybersecurity trends, privacy issues, and the digital threats facing individuals and organizations.


London, United Kingdom

Established 1993


Francesca Perry

Role: Freelance writer

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