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The Acute House by OOF! Architecture.

Published in The Age and coming soon to Houses Magazine.

How BowerBird Works


Architects and designers create BowerKits (beautiful online media kits) with everything journalists need to publish a story immediately.


BowerBird matches BowerKits with the best publications and journalists from around the world. Use simple chat to communicate and ask questions.


When a journalist is ready to publish they have everything they need including images, text and credits.


Build beautiful online media kits (BowerKits) for your projects and get published.

Get access to over 800 magazines, newspapers, websites and TV programs.

Follow and connect with journalists who write on architecture and design.

Manage your press simply and easily from your phone.

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Get your architectural photography published and build your reputation.

Create an online image license and get proper attribution.

Control your images and know who download them and from what publication.

Upload high res images and import directly from Dropbox and Google Drive.

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Make it easy for architects to send you their projects.

Find unpublished projects before other publications do.

Avoid the back and forth with architects and write your next story today.

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