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There is a problem in the design and construction industry that hasn't been solved until now. When a drawing is printed out of scale, there is no ruler that can read it accurately. When a drawing is presented in a unit that people don't understand, it causes confusion. The Smart Scale Ruler was created specifically to address these issues and to make sure that no one is ever embarrassed in a meeting again, or that time and money is not wasted on the work-a-rounds.

The Smart Scale is as digital measuring tool that uses a long screen to display a custom ruler created by the user. This is done by inputting a physical reference of distance, and the desired distance. The screen regenerates to create a ruler based on these parameters. Whatever is displayed can be converted to metric or imperial with one button. It can similarly be used to divide spaces equally for 2D drawings, and with a ratio applied for perspective drawings.

The Kickstarter for this campaign is live and orders can be made directly to the website to ensure that the Smart Scale Ruler can go into production!

The excitement from the architectural, design and building community has been overwhelmingly positive and people are very anxious to get their hands on the Smart Scale. Based on international feedback, new and creative applications for the ruler are being discovered daily and will likely continue to be uncovered as this amazing product makes its way into the design and building community.

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