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Have you ever wondered how the best architects get their work published? Do you feel like it's only the 'in crowd' who gets published? Have you heard how the whole process is being democratised?

The BowerBird team have released a 17-part podcast series on... you guessed it... 'How to get your architecture published':

The podcast is hosted by BowerBird founders Nic Granleese (architect and architectural photographer) and Ben G Morgan (design journalist).

Topics covered include:

- 5 steps to getting architecture published
- 4 mistakes architects make with media
- What's the purpose of getting architecture published?
- How and why to create a media kit for architecture
- Who are the people involved in architectural media?
- Different types of architectural publications
- What topics get covered in architectural media
- How to create content that journalists will love
- How to engage an architectural photographer
- Storytelling techniques for architects
- How to name your architecture
- How to submit your architecture to journalists
- The lifespan of architecture in the media
- Architecture exclusives
- What types of architecture gets published?
- The ROI of getting architecture published

Questions and Answers

Why did we create the podcast?

We have a fantastic tribe of architects, journalists and photographers. Every day we get asked questions about how to improve the way architecture gets published.

This podcast is about sharing what we've learnt, so everyone can benefit.

Who is it for?

This podcast is for anyone involved in architecture and publishing. We expect that architects will get the most from it, but it's also an opportunity for media and comms staff within practices to prime their staff to understand the process.

Everyone from journalists, to photographers, to architecture lovers will find this podcast useful.

Where can you access the podcast?

Head to iTunes and search for 'BowerBird Architecture Podcast' or head straight here:

What does the podcast consist of?

It's 17 episodes of Nic and Ben talking. This might not sound super exciting, but it is super informative.

Each episode deals with a specific area of architectural publishing, and they range from 7 minutes to 25 minutes, so they're easy and quick to listen to.

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