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1. Entry Foyer

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2. Hallway Vignette

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3. Kitchen Dining

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4. Kitchen Dining

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5. Living Room

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6. Living Room

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7. Living Room

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9. Formal Dining Room

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10. Formal Dining Room

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11. Formal Dining Room

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12. Mudroom

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13. Second Floor Hallway

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14. Principal Bedroom

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15. Principal Bedroom

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16. Principal Bedroom

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17. Kid's Bedroom

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18. Kid's Bedroom

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19. Nursery

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20. Nursery

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Parkdale Residence is a beautiful custom inner-city home built by the talented team at Veranda Homes for a young family of five. As the construction of their custom home was approaching the finish line, our clients reached out to us to assist with the furnishings and decor of the entire home. We had worked with them once before on their previous home and we were thrilled when they called on us to help them again. This two-story residence has a unique placement on its corner lot in Calgary's Parkdale neighborhood. While all the other houses on the street face north, its front door and house number point west. While confusing to first time visitors, this detail is a combination of the Feng Shui philosophy and idiosyncratic aesthetics.

The living room and kitchen are completely open to one another. The colour palette for both areas revolves around the show stopping area rug designed by renowned German carpet maker and designer: Jan Kath. Our clients fell in love with this carpet early on in the design process, but it was originally more than they were planning to spend. We tried for over a month to source something just as beautiful, but nothing else ever came close! While our clients were busy falling in love with their exquisite rug, we were swooning over a Kelly Wearstler fabric for the drapery that coordinated beautifully with the living room. We chose to use the print only as a leading edge drapery detail so it would not compete with the drama of the area rug. Pulling on the jewel tones in the rug, we custom commissioned all of the upholstered furniture in the living space. As beautiful and decorative as this home is, it also had to be kid-friendly. All of the fabrics selected for the many custom furnishings were chosen not only for their aesthetic qualities, but for their durability as well. The kitchen nook is styled with an iconic Cherner dining set and anchored by window coverings that visually link it back to the adjacent living space.

Before we came on board to help finish this project, our clients had whimsical ostrich wallpaper installed in their mud room. We wanted to let the fun pattern of the wallpaper speak for itself. In order to maintain equilibrium, we added a splash of colour into this quirky space by introducing a pop of orange for the door and custom bench cushion finishes.

The principal bedroom showcases Reena Sotropa's effortless personal style, blending youthful patterns with traditional details. The palette chosen for the bedroom was an extension of the creamy neutral tones used in the adjoining principal ensuite. Although it may appear that the bedroom’s colour scheme pales in comparison to the bold colours used throughout the rest of the house, we made up for it by layering several neutral textures and patterns from a grey velvet upholstered bed to custom cheetah print drapery to resin nightstands. Reena chose to layer the gorgeous euro pleat drapery behind the nightstands to visually extend the pattern and texture in the room. The nightstands have beautiful gilded antique mirrored doors that perfectly accentuate the warm tones in the drapery!


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Project team

Reena Sotropa

Interior Designer

Alanna Dunn

Interior Designer

Reena Sotropa In House Design Group

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